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Cubefield 2

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Cubefield 2 is a revolutionary and entertaining game that employs a combination of concentration and ability to act fast. Basically the game involves piloting a triangle through a given field of cubes. The goal of the player is to sail straight and fast without running into dangerous obstacles. The longer a player sails crash free the higher their score. The game is engaging and unique and you can play it anywhere. You use the “Right” and “Left” arrow keys to pilot the triangle and “P” to pause the game. It is simple and straightforward even for first time players. With every progression in the game

Cubefield 2 the screens background changes. During the first stages of the game, a gray foreground with an appealing white sky appears. Later in the game, the color scheme changes from gray to black and finally fluorescent green. Though the game is simple, it is action packed and intense. A first time player should not give up as the game may seem difficult at first but once used to it is interesting and fun. The main challenge of the game is earning points fast. A person has to focus intently as the ship moves extremely fast and you are not supposed to run into any cubes. Experienced players find it easy to play without hitting the cubes. Gradually the game gets more fast-paced and harder to win in the higher stages of the game. Another difficulty of the game is that a player does not have a map to follow and the path generates randomly. A player has to face new obstacles on the way. Cubefield 2 game enhances brain skills such as visual perception, concentration and ability to react fast. These are essential brain skills that can be employed in other activities including reading and playing sports. This sensation game has become very popular since its release. Cubefield 2 game will introduce you to an exciting world of first-class gaming. Try out this game for a different gaming experience.

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